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Improve yourself with our AI driven replay analysing platform for League of Legends!

Our process

Master your game

Become a better player by analysing your gameplay!

  1. Upload your gameplay file
  2. Receive your reply analysis in 10 min
  3. Implement the personalized advices
  4. Become a Challenger
Learn from Challenger players

Our analysing system are created by challenger players and professional coaches.

Win more games, become the carry

Don't rely on teammates, start to carry games!

Personalised tips tailored for you

Every analysis is tailored for your needs!

We help you climb the Ladder, become the carry!


Our platform can analyse your gameplay and offer personalised tips on improvement for your needs.

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Expert AI coaches

Our professional coaches can pinpoint your mistakes and can help you improve step by step. Whether you are just starting out or a player with experience.

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