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Why should you apply for the 3 month long program?

Do you like League of Legends?

Are you in Bronze league?

Want to reach gold in 3 months?

Then we have something for you!

What is #Rocketship?

#ROCKETSHIP by Roxxare is a 3 months long program, which is going to guarantee an instant improvement for gamers in League of Legends. In this program gamers will have trainings with platinum+ ranked coaches every week. The gamers will participate in this program for absolutely free, but Roxxare will have some requirements from them!

You are the best candidate, if you are:

  • Min. Bronze IV, III, II, or I ranked
  • A setup for recording awesome gameplay videos by yourself
  • Reliable, and easy to communicate with
  • Have the basic knowledge of english language
  • Dedicated to improve yourself

If you are interested to take part in this great program, please fill out our application form.

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Apply if you

  • are not satisfied with your rank, and want to become a hero
  • don't have the know how to become better, but you are dedicate to improve
  • were seeing the grey screen a lot, but you hate it
  • never had a penta

We are commited to take you to the next level!

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