League of Legends VOD review

Get an experienced coach's opinion on one of your recent games.

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One of our coaches will watch the replay and create a video overview of mistakes, tips, and strategies for you to work on that will drastically improve your game.

Heads up! One you have purchased the course you will be able to send the replay files to us.

There are currently two options for you to get your game analyzed:

  1. Log into League of Legends. At the top, click on 'Profile', then underneath it click 'Match History'. From there you can choose which game to download by clicking the download button. Make sure the game is recent! You can only have games reviewed that are from the current patch. You can then find your downloaded replay file in your Documents/League of Legends/Replays folder.
  2. Record your game while playing it and upload it to any Video sharing site.
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