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How to carry from the top lane?

You will learn about:
  1. Common Top Lane matchups
  2. Good starter champions to play
  3. When to farm, when to group with the team

Top lane is an island they say. Often bemoaned as the lane with the least interaction with the rest of the game, it’s easy to overlook the depth of skill and decision making that top lane provides. You pit yourself in a battle of wits, not only against your opposing laner, but also against the enemy jungler, and later on, against the entire enemy team.

Recently, the priority for top lane picks has changed dramatically. There have been two main constants, ‘Carries’ and ‘Tanks’, and there is a perpetual tug-of-war between the two. Currently, both are relevant and at times it can be tricky to choose one over the other.

Our coach will help you to improve your early game in the top lane.

 60 min

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