Learn to control the game from MID

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how to keep the PRESSURE on the SIDELaNES from mid?

You will learn about:
  1. Common Mid Lane matchups
  2. How to win your lane
  3. When to roam, when to push

While each role in League of Legends has a nearly limitless skill ceiling, that’s most apparent in the midlane. Being a mid laner means understanding that you have the ability to impact every lane. Some players may choose to look for stylish 1v1 duels and settle on crushing their lane opponent, while others may look to roam and support their team with smart use of lane pressure, collapsing on the opposition right when they least expect it. No matter how you prefer to play, it’s important to learn how to control the mid lane - and in turn, control the game.

The crux of laning is how you trade with your lane opponent. I can’t improve your personal mechanics, but I can tell you the best times to trade blows with the enemy to ensure you gain an advantage in lane. One of the most important things new pro players learn is the concept of punishing their opponent.

 60 min

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