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LEts dominate the bot lane by knowing your matchups!

You will learn about:
  1. How to select champions (duo/solo)
  2. Common Bot lane matchups
  3. Good starter champions to play

First of all, I will try to generalize the different types of duo lanes that are ran bot. Typically, the duo lane falls into either a burst, sustain, or poke lane. These are bolded because any time you are deciding which ADC or support you are picking, they should be in your mind. The support champion chosen should enhance the strengths of the ADC bot. In contrast, if a support is chosen first, the ADC picked should synergize well with that support. Now, this isn't as concrete as I will make it sound, but if you understand the basics of this principle, you can evaluate at different periods when you have an advantage even if you were previously behind in lane. Lanes can shift from one type to another based on levels and often times they share aspects of each type.

Join one of our coaches and dive into the Bot lane.

 15-20 min

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